Confession #4

Sometimes I feel bad for people who think inside the box. They always get a bad rep.


What's Your Dying Wish?

We all deserve a dying wish because, technically, we're all dying.


So the Saying "It's Like Riding A Bike" Is True!

I rode a bicycle on Saturday and it was quite possibly one of the funnest things I've done in New York City. We (Reghan, K/Carly, Dianne, and Dianne's friend) rented bikes at Liberty Bicycles on 55th street and 9th avenue. I was a little nervous because I haven't even SAT on a bike since I was 12. Also, I've heard too many horror stories where people got hit by cars and dragged underneath trucks while riding their bikes in the city. I did not want to be one of those horror stories (although it would be kind of cool to tell one if you survived).

We rode north along the Hudson River to 125th Street. There was such a wonderful breeze. I forget how much I love being by the water to hear the sounds of the waves on the rocks and to see the boats wading in the ocean.

Side note: I'm not sure if my honeymoon will be centered around the beach or snow. The tricky thing is, I love the ocean, but burn like nobody's business. Not to mention, I vowed never to wear a swimsuit again. I also love the mountains, but hate cold weather. Such a predicament.

Anyway, I was riding the Fuji Crosstown 3.0 and considering I know nothing about bicycles (except you sit on them, pedal, and some chain connected to wheels rotates the tires allowing you to move forward) I would say my bike was a winner!

I just remembered I DO have a bike story! When I was living in Oklahoma, I was trying to impress my brother's friend by showing him I could bike on the curb of the street. I was barefoot so when my bike went up the incline I lost my balance, my foot slipped, my big toe got caught in that chain thing, snapping it (my toe), and leaving me with a life-long injury. I ran inside crying, told my dad that my foot was throbbing, and he said, "lie down and have some grape juice." I remember very clearly that my mom was out of town, so she couldn't help me. Well, to this day I cannot bend my right big toe. I'm assuming the problem lies with the middle and distal philanges and the proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP). But I've never seen a doctor about it, so that's my own diagnosis. Basically, the bone protudes out of it's joint, causing a constant callus to the skin around the region, and allowing no flexiblitly or movement in the joint (seriously, I can't bend my toe). I have to live with this every day for the rest of my life you guys. It's difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably - and not just because I have large feet.

But I was able to get over my fear of my toe getting caught in the chain again, as well as my fear of riding on the streets of New York. It was a great activity and I give it two healthy phalanges up (actually it would be four phalanges because the thumb consists of two each, but whatever)!


Maybe We Should be Called the Sherbets (or Sherberts)

This is a portion of the Snow Family. Yummy.

Things I Would Do in New York City (and did do):

Go to the Hershey's store twice and still not get in because we got there right at closing time.

Eat the duck appetizer at Peep. So good, people. So good.

Mimmick Sadie.

Hold Lily's hand while she excitedly waits for the subway.

And of course Magnolia.

Sara will post more of what we did in New York very soon. I love when she comes to the city because it makes New York feel more like home. I love my nanna -- Sara, that is.

Things I Would Never Do in New York City:

Walk barefoot in Time Square.


Confession #3

I think I'm an optimistic pessimist or a pessimistic optimist.

A Science Question:

If the sun bleaches my Williams-Sonoma mixing bowls, why doesn't it lighten skin? What is it about pigment in skin that's different than pigment in dyed pink melamine?


Love in the Key of Wilco

Last night I was listening to Wilco and decided I like them a whole lot. I've liked them ever since I was a freshman in high school (1996ish), but I never bought any of their albums. I enjoy listening to Wilco primarily because it makes me feel like I'm in love in a movie. I love love so they're perfect for my ears...and heart. I decided to list some of my favorite Wilco songs so that my sister, Sara, (and anyone who reads this) will join me in all the Wilco fun. The links to each album will take you to a page where you can preview only part of each song...sorry.

"Muzzle of Bees" A Ghost is Born
the one with the breezy piano

"Company in My Back" A Ghost is Born
the one with the awesome beginning

"I'm A Wheel" A Ghost is Born
the one with "um"

"I Am Trying to Break your Heart" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
My future husband won't ask for my hand in marriage; rather he'll say, "Marry me now!"

"War on War" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
More like Love on Love!

"Heavy Metal Drummer" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
the precursor to "Handshake Drugs" A Ghost is Born

"I'm the Man Who Loves You" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Mr. Tweedy is so direct -- I love it!

"Reservations" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
the one that's so romantic

"She's a Jar" Summer Teeth
the one that's so dreamy

"A Shot in the Arm" Summer Teeth
the one with the best 1:18 - 2:10 section (what is bloodier than blood?)

"Pieholden Suite" Summer Teeth
the one that sounds like a Beach Boys song

"How to Fight Lonliness" Summer Teeth
Just listen to Wilco all the time!

I have to force myself to stop now. Just know that there are many, many, wonderful songs I didn't include. Feel free to tell me how much YOU love Wilco. Or, tell me why you don't so I can retaliate. :o)


Confession #2

In high school I used to imagine myself on the David Letterman show. Paul Shaffer would play a rockin' song when I came out, the audience would laugh and cheer, and Dave and I always got along great. He loves me...in my head. The funny thing is, I wasn't on the Late Show for being famous. I wonder why imaginary Dave frequently booked me on the show? It must have been for the ratings.


When does the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again" cease to apply?