Close Encounters of the Third Kind

I was happily walking to the bank today when I saw the strangest thing. A young woman was jaywalking towards me and WHAM! She got hit by a guy on a bicycle! The sun was in my eyes a little so I didn't even see the guy on the bike until he biked into her. I pretty much just saw the bang and the girl thrown a good 4 feet (and the guy on his bike topple over). I then heard a few expletives from the guy on the bike. They both stood up and kind of looked at eachother, exchanged a few more nervous/angry words and then the girl said very genuinely "I'm sorry." The guy quickly changed his tone and said "It's okay." No one was hurt, but I must admit I was a little shaken up. They proceeded to leave and I yelled to the guy that he dropped something in the middle of the street. He picked up what looked like a part of his bike and rode off into the sunset never to be seen again.

I couldn't believe what I saw. My jaw actually dropped and I covered my mouth with my hand. Why our jaws drop and we cover our mouths when we're stunned, I have no idea. But I kept thinking about the timing involved and being in the wrong place at the right time or being in the perfect place at the perfect time (or being in the perfect place at the wrong time and any other possible combination). Had this girl been three small inches either to the left or right of the guy on the bike, she wouldn't have been hit. They were the perfect perpendicular accident. It was so interesting to observe. Had I taken the time to brush my teeth or put socks on before I left my apartment, I would have missed the whole encounter.

Perhaps the even stranger thing that happened today occurred in the stairwell of my apartment. Once I returned from the bank, I ran into the crazy cat lady (who also has a large dog), who I haven't seen in months. For the first time in the three years I've lived in this apartment complex, crazy cat lady didn't call me Stephanie - she actually called me by MY real name. What a strange day. Hopefully the night will be filled with more of these strange encounters. Stay tuned...


Confession #12

Sometimes when I call people I hope to get their voice mail.