Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

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When I was in the fifth grade, a friend of mine named Lillian said I had stringy hair. I disagreed with her and have for ages. In the last few years, though, I have come to understand that I do indeed have stringy hair. Most of the reason why I have such stringy hair is probably due to the fact that I hate brushing my hair. It feels like a waste of time to me because as soon as the wind blows (which it usually does) it gets messed up again. This idea cross-pollinates with my sentiments on making my bed, but that's another story in and of itself. In short, why make you're bed when you're just going to mess it up again in a few hours? I digress. Another biological reason my hair is so stringy is because I have fine hair and a lot of it. A hairdresser once told me as she was carefully assessing my dyed golden locks that fine hair gets knots easier than course hair (thicker strands). So it's not all entirely my fault.

Over Christmas I didn't brush my hair for two weeks and accidentally began growing dreadlocks. Yes, I washed it; I just didn't brush it after I washed it. I had some serious knots people. I had been thinking about getting my hair cut for a while now. I've had short hair many times before so it's no big deal. In the fourth grade I wanted my hair to look like Chynna Phillips (of the musical group Wilson Phillips). Then when I was in the ninth grade I saw an old photo of my mom wearing a wig in the sixties and liked it. It was similar to the haircut I have now (minus bangs and add bleached strands in the front). THEN when I was maybe a junior in college, I got another bob. It's during this stage of my hair/life that people referred to me as looking like a computer nerd. I'm not really sure why. So it's been a pattern that about every five years I chop my hair off.

I don't really like my haircut that much 'cause some of the layers aren't even and I wanted it to be a more drastic assymetrical cut - more rockerish and less Hillary Clintonish. Oh, well. I'll eventually get there (by my calculations in approximately four months). The other day this guy asked me "why did you cut your hair?" I didn't really know what to say except, "well, I guess I had a momentary lapse of judgement." I don't know WHY I cut my hair exactly, I just did. I guess I wanted a bit of a change. Because I didn't want to grow dreadlocks. Because I just felt like it. Most people have been very supportive of this new change of mine. It's always nice to have people say they like something you do/have even if it's only out of politeness. So thanks everyone. It's growing on me.


Confession #13

I still wear scrunchies and have for years. I don't really plan on changing that either.

*Note that this confession was originally written in September when I still had the need for a ponytail holder. I know, pictures of the new haircut will be posted soon.


Stick This!

Any movie whose tagline is "It's not called Gym-NICE-tics" has got to be KILLA!!! I ain't even kiddin' ya'll. Stick It rocked like a baby's crib, a boat at sea, or even the Himalaya mountain range. Not to mention the soundtrack is pretty sick with songs like "Beware of the Boys" by Panjabi MC and "We Run This" by Missy Elliott. The story line is basically the gymnastics version of "The Cutting Edge," "Bring It On," and any other female sport movie where the lead character needs an attitude adjustment despite their mad skills at ice skating, dancing, boxing, soccer, etc. The filming was a little different than your average teenage girl power movie - in a creative and artful way. Also, there is this cute scene between Poot and the mean/critical-girl-on-the-team-who-later-becomes-nice/supportive (because every movie from this genre requires one of those obstacles) asks her to the prom. I could quote it, but it's just easier if you watch it. I promise that it'll stick to you the way it stuck to me. Heh, heh.



I know I'm a little late. I hope your holidays were relaxing and fun. I went home to see mi familia because I love them and miss them and also it was Christmas. Here is a list of things I did:

1.I watched a million movies (I did not like "Lady In the Water" AT ALL)
2.Was jealous of my little nieces' sticker books - I want one!!!
3.Created an expense sheet
4.Cut my hair short
5.Ate my favorite candy that my mom makes called "divinity"
6.Finally learned what "providential" means
7.Decided I'm goin' to California with an achin' in my heart, la, la, la, la...(well, as soon as I can).
8.Had a strange encounter with a person on Methamphetamines who tried to enter my sisters house late one night
9.Decided drugs are bad not just for health reasons, but because users are totally incoherent and can scare a little family late at night by trying to get into their house without permission then proceed to try and get in through the back door despite after having been told if he didn't leave the cops would be called (and so they were)...
10.Played "Mad Gab" for the first time and LOVED it
11.Received a $400 voucher for a flight because my plane was overbooked - vacation anyone?!?
12.Wrote a couple of songs - no, I don't really play a musical instrument
13.Decided I need to learn how to play the guitar so as to play my new songs
14.And some other stuff that I can't remember, don't want to tell you, or am too tired to list

So, tell me what you guys have been up to and how your holidays went!


Have you ever noticed while shopping for peanut butter there are only two varieties (at least with the brand JIF)? It goes from creamy to extra crunchy. What happened to just crunchy? I guess when dealing with peanut butter, there's no gray.