Two Special Days For Two Special Girls

Today I received a package from Utah. I thought it was from my sister, Cami, and then remembered she doesn't live there anymore. The writing was clearly written by a girl so I was a little puzzled. Who could have sent me a birthday package arriving exactly on my birthday? My sister-in-law, Lindsey! Thanks. I love getting boxes in the mail.

Alas, this story is not about my love of getting boxes in the mail. You see, I realized that I thought I was receiving a package on MY birthday, when in fact it was NOT MY birthday. It was my SISTER'S birthday. Sara was born October 26th of 1981 and I was born October 28th of 1980. My social security number is...kidding. Anyway, we are the same age for two days - hence the Irish Twin thing. You guys may not know this about Sara and me, but October 26 and 27th are our favorite days of the year (apart from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). These are the only two days of the year that we're closer to being like real twins!

So, what do I do during these two special days? Usually something like this:

- October 26, 12:00 AM: call Sara and be the first to wish her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
- Then around 3:00 AM go to sleep.
- Wake up in the morning and call Sara again to wish her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and remind her that "We're the same age" (just in case she forgot we are in fact the same age for two days out of the year).
- Work at an unfulfilling job for a few hours; and of course call Sara on my break and leave her a voice message saying "We're both 25!"
- Walk home from said unfulfilling job and wish I could spend time with my sister in person instead of on the phone. Was that too sad to write? It's true, though.
- Repeat most of the same things for October 27th except take out some "Happy Birthdays" and replace with "You're birthday's tomorrow!" Then add a solemn conversation around 11:30 PM. When the clock strikes twelve, we no longer have our special powers. :o(

What does Sara do on October 26th and 27th? Let's see...


Blogger Jacki said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Lex you still have special powers I believe!!!

October 29, 2006 7:14 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Sorry it's a little late, but I thought about you Saturday.)

October 30, 2006 12:32 PM  

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