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Dear long time blog reader Lauren,

In response to my former post entitled, "Lobster, Lobster, Everywhere" you asked about shades of red that are similar to the orange red shade of a cooked lobster that I so dearly love. Considering that I just wrote that post a few days ago, I didn't have time to get to a store and view actual paint swatches (which I'm still considering doing tomorrow); but I wanted to do much better than simply give you a hexadecimal color. So after doing a little research online, I found some interesting shades for you to possibly consider in terms of repainting a dresser for your sons nursery. WARNING! I have not actually seen these colors in person so I cannot vouch for their vividness, orangey-ness, or lack there of in each. You will have to check them out in person to decide if they're the right shade of lobster red. On that note, here they are:

Probably your cheapest option would be to use Rust-oleum spray paint. I found this spray painted outside light fixture on CreateLoveGrow in Rust-oleum Apple Red which I think improved the look and value of the light fixture one hundred fold!

Here is another Rustoleum success story found on CraftBite. I'm unsure if it's the same shade of red as the previous light fixture; it looks as though there is a slightly more blue undertone in it; however, that could just be because of the type of bulb she has in it as well as the white balance of her camera.

If you would rather paint the old fashioned way with a bristle brush, your most expensive route would be by using Farrow and Ball. Granted, these might be a little less bright and bold than you would hope for. They tend to be more traditional or historic in color. Two shades of theirs to consider are


or Blazer.

I like this Ralph Lauren Lattice Red paint color.

Benjamin Moore has some great shades of Red as well. They usually run about $40 a gallon - at least in New York they do.

Let's start with Benjamin Moore's Red. I found a great post on a before and after adirondack repainted chair at JPM Designs. Here's a look at the final chair. That's a wow red! Actually just Red according to Mr. Moore himself.

Bull's Eye Red


Heritage Red

Redstone (I just had to put this photo up!)

Poppy (might be too pink)

If you want a more toned down red, try Benjamin Moore's Currant Red as found on the Life in Grace blog.

Your best solution is to go to Sherwin Williams, Janovic, Home Depot, or where ever your closest paint store is, grab a couple of swatches and BRING THEM BACK HOME to test the lighting against the swatch in your house first. Paint swatches always look different in those fancy lit stores. Better yet, if you have an object you love, take it with you to the paint store and match the color to it exactly. It could be your favorite yellow pencil, red scarf, or even a photo in a magazine. I have been known to do all three! Really, finding the right shade of red these days will be much easier than coming up with a name for that baby boy of yours!

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Blogger doopadee said...

Wow! So many different color reds! Who knew eating a tasty lobster could be so helpful designing my home! I love your blog!

August 16, 2011 8:52 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Holy red overload! Thanks, Lexia! You really did your homework on this one. I particularly like the Currant Red and the Bull's Eye Red. I'll let you know how it goes, and I'll send you before/after photos of the dresser. Fun!

(Sidenote: A couple of years ago, I tried to find this shade by matching a bowl I had that's this color. Unfortunately, I ended up with burnt orange in the living room. Auburn Tigers orange. It wasn't a good look.)

August 17, 2011 7:19 AM  

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