I think I'm Turning Japanese...I Really Think So.

Lately I feel like I'm no longer caucasian - just asian. You see, I've just realized how much I'm surrounded by all things Japanese:

1.I live in a place I call "Little Japan." There are six Japanese restaurants, three Japanese salons, and a Japanese laundromat all on my street. Just MY street!
2. My landlord is one of the wealthiest Japanese men in New York.
3. I work part-time at one of the yummiest Japanese restaurants in Manhattan.
4. I'm working on a web design for a Japanese children's summer camp.
5. I'm getting my hair cut by a Japanese woman on Wednesday.
6. I want to see Deerhoof in concert...
7. A Japanese man asked me if I am Japanese. Maybe now I can say I am.

I wouldn't mind being Japanese. They're one of my favorite nationalities. And honestly, what boy doesn't love a Japanese girl? Japanese girls always trump white girls - always.



Blogger Sara said...

It's true -- The Japanese are good people.

And Japanese women are always a hit with guys -- even Weezer sings about them . . .

It's interesting that you should blog about this because although I have always been a huge fan of Asian cultures (I think in my heart of hearts I'm Taiwanese.), I have just recently started learning some Japanese and Mandarin. There's a free Japanese class at a public library that I will hopefully be able to attend soon, too. Cool!

March 27, 2007 11:58 AM  
Blogger Jacki said...

...you have beautiful Japanese skin. My golly... You are Japanese

March 29, 2007 12:09 PM  

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