I've Fallen In Love with Alex P. Keaton All Over Again!

There's nothin' cuter in my book than the republican orange juice addict that is Alex P. Keaton. I recently bought the first season of the television series Family Ties on DVD and just finished the first disc. I felt so happy watching it. It's well written, funny, teaches a nice lesson in each episode, family oriented, a little off-color, and please let's not forget the wonderful theme song - it gets me every time! "What would we do baby, without us?" Note to self: play this song at my wedding.

If you want to instantly feel warm and fuzzy inside, you can either throw back a long island ice tea or watch an episode of Family Ties. I of course will always opt for the latter. Feel free to discuss your memories of Family Ties or any other television series from the 1980s that we might have forgotten but will hopefully be released on DVD soon - say, like, Small Wonder.

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Blogger Sara said...

I recently announced to a group of friends that if Alex P. Keaton were a real person, I would want to date him. They laughed at me, but they probably don't remember his All-American charm. They probably don't remember the cheerful way he slid on the counter, gulped his orange juice, and animatedly talked politics. They probably don't remember that he was an accounting and business genius.

Alex P. Keaton is probably the shortest "person" I've ever been semi-attracted to. He's probably also the most ambitious. But I think if anyone were to watch "Family Ties" again, they would find something about the show they loved too. It was so, so good.


March 27, 2007 12:03 PM  
Blogger Lexia said...

I think you should have written this post. It was so much more fun reading your comment than my lame post. I WAS TIRED!!!

March 27, 2007 3:21 PM  

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