Christmas Party 2007

Here are some photos from our Christmas party. Thanks for coming everyone - without you it wouldn't have been a party! Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Kimmy! You look so cute and excited for Christmas in this photo.

Alejandro always looks so debonair.

This is the only photo I own of Dr. Steve's face - or Latin Ken as I like to call him.

This photo is entitled "Man of the house."

The plaids.

The tree.

The Monica.

The newest roommate, Alicia.

Reghan and Me (Lexia).

We didn't have turtle doves but we did have love birds.

The three amigos: Jeff, Collin, and Brigham.

Not the three amigos, but you will notice two of them in the background.

So Joe, a.k.a. "man of the house," brought us an edible white chocolate antler that he made himself and this is what it looked like. Note that he sells these if you're interested and might I add it was very tasty.

And this is what I would look like if I had an antler growing out of my head. I think I really do look like a deer caught in headlights.

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Confession #19

Sometimes I think 20th Century Fox didn't look far enough into the future; or they ignored the person at the company naming meeting who asked, "what about when the 21st century rolls in?" I guess they were thinking of the now instead of the future - something we all fall victim to I suppose.

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