My Favorite Television Show Right Now

Here Come The Newlyweds on ABC is by far my favorite t.v. show at the moment. It's a game/reality show (two themes I usually despise now-a-days), but it's actually very humorous and entertaining. The show began with seven newly married couples and each week one couple gets eliminated (voted out) by the other couples. Silly competitions take place during the week, and and as each couple does well, more money is added to the final pot for the winning couple (currently the prize is at $460,000).

The Moutras are by far my favorite couple and I want them to win. This is the one time in my life that if I could assist in voting for a television show contestant to win via text-messaging, phone call, email, or letter, I would - alas, that is not how the game works.

You can watch full online episodes on abc.com or watch the last episode this Sunday at 10/9c. Trust me guys, you're gonna fall in love with the Moutras and the rest of the newlyweds. Also note on the Web site that they are accepting applicants for season 2. If I hurry up and get married, maybe I could be a contestant...

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