Laundry Day

This is what my husband looked like two days ago. There are so many things wrong with his outfit so how is it that I love it as much as I do? I wouldn't change a thing.

Maybe you should be Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys for Halloween?

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Our New Home!

well, at least in my dreams this is our new Brooklyn Heights home. How does one come by 13.5 million dollars in a day without stealing so as to purchase a home? I am so in love with this house that I can't even begin to tell you how badly I want to own it or something identical to it in New York City. Forget about high rise buildings on Park Avenue; I want a 7,000 square foot, 7 bedrooms, 6 baths, multiple terraces and balconies out back, the Brooklyn promenade behind me along with picture perfect harbor views of the Manhattan Skyline! Who wants to live in a town house in Manhattan when the monthly mortgage of this place is only $57,743, am I right? You know what - I don't even need to own this place - I will gladly cook Thanksgiving dinners and clean the marble bathrooms of this house for whomever is the lucky person to buy it!

It really is the pivotal town house for me: the fact that it has a backyard, harbor views of the Manhattan skyline, a kitchen with marble counter tops and white cupboards, beautiful crown moldings, five fireplaces, excellent neighborhood, the list goes on and on. AND even Adam, my husband likes it. We don't always see eye to eye in terms of architecture. He's more modern, minimalist, clean lines, big open spaces and I'm more traditional, admire antiques, wainscoting, and charm. But this is it for us. We found our home at 212 Columbia Heights, we just need to find the money to make it OURS!

To learn more about this town house for sale and to see full size images, go to the listing site at Corcoran, but hurry while it's still available!

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