It's A Girl!!!

Brooks, my brother, and Jacki just had their first baby on June 3, 2008. Her name is Jordyn Snow, she weighed 6lbs. 14oz., and was 19.5" long. Congratulations yous guys!

This new addition means I'm an aunt of 7 cutie patooties. Here are some photos of my other nieces and nephews:

Lily and Macy a few years ago.

Madison and Sadie looking pretty in pink.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any photos of Mia and Ethan. Mom, can you please email me some photos of them?

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I Went to Outer Space Yesterday

Or maybe it was inner space, eh?!? Do you guys remember the movie Innerspace with Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, and Meg Ryan? It's awesome. I can't believe I don't own it. Anyway, I think I look great as an astronaut. Maybe that's what I'll do next for a career - be an astronaut. Looking the part is half the battle, right?

Seriously, though, if I had to chose between living in the ocean for the rest of my life or space, I would definitely pick space.

I have no idea where such lame post writing came from. I just wanted everyone to see this awesome photo and know that you too can be an astronaut just like me by going to the bus stop at 14th Street and University Place in Manhattan, New York, USA, Earth.


I'm So Very Sad Right Now...

I just learned that Wilco is playing at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn on August 13th and the general admission tickets are sold out! I'm so bummed. So very bummed. You guys, half the songs I can play on the guitar are Wilco songs! I've always regretted not seeing them live after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot came out. Or even A Ghost Is Born. Now I'm not even gonna see 'em for probably one of their last albums. If any of you readers out there hear about available Wilco tickets to this show, puh-leeeeeease let me know! Sigh...

What concerts have you guys missed that you regret not going to? Radiohead during Okay Computer times is another show I'm mad I didn't see. I have yet to see them live as well.

Sigh again...

On the upside, I'm getting better at playing She's A Jar, by Wilco. That one is a doozy - not that the chords are difficult, but moving from a barre to a major chord is still a bit tricky for me.


What's Black and White and Black?

Me and Kimmy at church on Sunday! We didn't even plan it.

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