An Irish Twin Dictionary

So to conclude our Irish Twin month, Sara and I decided to create a dictionary of terms, phrases, things that our other half enjoys. Sorry guys that we weren't "on top of things," that we "dropped the ball," that we "forgot to write posts," that we had "other things going on in our lives so our Irish Twin month posts weren't as fun for you to read," or that we "don't brush our teeth." :o) I miss Chris. Anyway, We did have a lot planned for you, but that will just have to wait 'til next October. I know you're just dying to hear more.

A sweet spirit - the kind Sara has

Baking - Sara's favorite activity.

Cats - Sara and I love our cat Lucky. Sara and my dad found her at a dumpster and brought her home in 1994. So thanks Sara, you found the only animal I care about!

Engagement Ring - Men, she does not want one. Please get her a professional grade KitchenAid mixer (color: Stainless steel)

"F" word - has never come out of Sara's mouth. Never.

"It's gettin' hot in herrrr..." - a frequent song Sara sings to me in hopes of making me laugh. And laugh I do!

KitchenAid Mixer - see "Engagement Ring"

Lexia - Come on, what else would it be for? It's my blog!

Michaelangelo - one of Sara's favorite sculptors

Pink Balloons - My first birthday in New York (and my first birthday without my twin) Sara sent me 50 pink balloons and had them delivered by a stranger to my apartment.

QuickTrip - At 11 and 12, Sara and I used to walk along a highway in Oklahoma to go to Quicktrip for candy. I remember that gas used to cost $.82 a gallon then.

Strokes, the - Sara's favorite concerts to go to, with me anyway. She also won a free set of Strokes tickets (as did I - yet another chance thing that makes us so similar)!

Tall and skinney - the way Sara likes her men

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies - Sara's are the bomb-diggity, ya'll (and they come in various heart-shaped sizes).

Word on the street - is that Jimmy Fallon is ALSO an Irish Twin (okay that one was for me)

X, as in Mr. X - Growing up, Sara and I always loved the letter people. We had this Letter People activity kit which included records of each letter's song, a cool book with a Supersonic Mr. S glowing pen, and some other stuff. We always hated a few of the Letter People's songs and one of them was Mr. X (if I remember correctly) and Quiet Mr. Q.

- Sara used to yell and scream so much as a child. Most people probably would never guess that about her. She used to stomp upstairs when she was mad and slam the door shut to her/our room. When she was three, she used to say/yell "I'm not gonna scream no more. I'm not gonna scream no more!"

- something Sara has not ever wanted to be; however, she was a pre-med major so science is something she lives for.

Look into my eyes...

Partners in crime

Just hangin' around

This month's posts were fun for Sara and me and we tried to make it interesting for more people than just us. We hoped you guys would share in your brother/sister experiences growing up. Alas, you did not. So thanks for tuning in anyway. Sorry about the delay in posts. We love you readers and wish we were Irish Twins with you too (sort of, not really)!

Read Sara's dictionary of moi

Photos provided by MacDuff


Two Special Days For Two Special Girls

Today I received a package from Utah. I thought it was from my sister, Cami, and then remembered she doesn't live there anymore. The writing was clearly written by a girl so I was a little puzzled. Who could have sent me a birthday package arriving exactly on my birthday? My sister-in-law, Lindsey! Thanks. I love getting boxes in the mail.

Alas, this story is not about my love of getting boxes in the mail. You see, I realized that I thought I was receiving a package on MY birthday, when in fact it was NOT MY birthday. It was my SISTER'S birthday. Sara was born October 26th of 1981 and I was born October 28th of 1980. My social security number is...kidding. Anyway, we are the same age for two days - hence the Irish Twin thing. You guys may not know this about Sara and me, but October 26 and 27th are our favorite days of the year (apart from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). These are the only two days of the year that we're closer to being like real twins!

So, what do I do during these two special days? Usually something like this:

- October 26, 12:00 AM: call Sara and be the first to wish her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"
- Then around 3:00 AM go to sleep.
- Wake up in the morning and call Sara again to wish her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" and remind her that "We're the same age" (just in case she forgot we are in fact the same age for two days out of the year).
- Work at an unfulfilling job for a few hours; and of course call Sara on my break and leave her a voice message saying "We're both 25!"
- Walk home from said unfulfilling job and wish I could spend time with my sister in person instead of on the phone. Was that too sad to write? It's true, though.
- Repeat most of the same things for October 27th except take out some "Happy Birthdays" and replace with "You're birthday's tomorrow!" Then add a solemn conversation around 11:30 PM. When the clock strikes twelve, we no longer have our special powers. :o(

What does Sara do on October 26th and 27th? Let's see...



This is Sara when she was a baby. She may not have many baby pictures, but at least she has professional black and white photographs. I love you! Glad you were born!

If You Love Me, You'll Do What I Say.

"Personal Best"

Hey guys (and girls). I have to interrupt my Irish Twin Month blogcast in order to bring you this special late-breaking news.

A video a friend and I made got accepted into the Paste Magazine "Rock 'n Reel Festival." I have to blog about it in order to force you guys to vote for it. I know, lame. Why can't they just pick the winner themselves? What, do they think this is a democracy or something? Heh, heh.

So here's the deal. Watch the Google version above, then rate the video here on Paste Magazine's website. You can view the short film on their site as well, but I wouldn't recommend it because the sound isn't in sync and it gets cut off (not to mention you have to download DivX to your computer). I suppose you could go to their site and view the other videos that are nominated and vote for one of them. If that's the case: you are dead to me. :o)

Thanks guys (and girls)!

Now back to my regularly scheduled Irish Twin Month stories.


You Know What They Say, "Irish Twins Design the Same Graphics!"

So Sara has a job doing web stuff. I have a job doing web stuff. I caught the web design bug around 6 or 7 years ago and have had the disease since. At that time, Sara was going to be a neurosurgeon; me, a budding computer artist. Aren't we the best hybrid? We've got the sciences AND the arts covered! The only thing we're missing is the law (and I'm working on that one). Anyway, Sara only recently fell into web design. She ended up switching majors (one semester short of graduating pre-med) to that of English. She learned some web technology along the way and her first job out of school ended up being a Web Content Manager. I mention all of this for a few reasons:

1. Even our jobs in life are similar.
2. We will have our own company one day. I mean if you read my last post, we've been working on forming our own business since elementary school.
3. The image you're about to see only furthers our similarities. Prepare yourself, because apparently what you're about to see is something unplanned - yet surprisingly coincidental.

Let me provide some background info. Sara called me last night about having to create a header for her company's intranet site. I told her I would do a quick mock up of something she could maybe use. Disclaimer: Keep in mind this was created at 2:30 AM. So I designed it in Fireworks (which I now prefer to Illustrator - there, I said it! Fireworks has a much more intuitive interface!) Then I emailed it to her. Immediate gratification. Little to my knowledge, while I was designing a header, Sara designed one as well. She called me tonight and said our designs were similar so we should post them. She has seen mine, but I have yet to see hers. The mystery will soon be unveiled! I will now view Sara's design (as will you).


The Little Irish Twins

I can't imagine growing up in the world without my Irish Twin, Sara. I honestly feel like we're twins, only I came out 363 days before she did. Sometimes people think it's strange how close we are. Even my friends that have sisters say they can't believe how good of friends we are. I have a pair of older sisters that aren't quite as close as us, so I know it's a special bond we have. I once told Sara that I wished we were conjoined twins. She did not share that wish.

My mom says when Sara was just barely a toddler, I taught her how to get out of her crib; probably because I couldn't wait to play with my friend. Since her inception, we've shared a bed/room practically our whole lives. By the time I was in the 8th grade, I was finally able to have my own room. However, I would go to Sara's room and sleep on our old canopy bed at night anyway. That trend lasted throughout college. Okay, it's still a true statement today. Sara pretends to hate that I still crawl into bed with her, but I know she secretly doesn't mind. I know it, Sara.

Notice how my hair has not changed since I was two. I hated brushing it then and I hate brushing it now. Also notice the size of Sara's head.

You see, bedtime for us never really existed. Our parents would try putting us to sleep, but it never worked. Our mom would hug Sara good night and reach over to hug me and in the process of leaning over, she would squish Sara. We loved that. Then my dad would tell us these bedtime stories about three girls named Janet, Janetta, and Janae. We would say our prayers and then get tucked in. After my parents would go to their room, Sara and I did not go to sleep. Rather, we chose to continue playing. Usually we would stay in bed but talk or invent some game that didn't even have to involve toys. I remember hearing my parents yell from their room, "Little girls, go to sleep!" We would yell, "Okay!" and then giggle and laugh and keep on a keepin' on. I mean, sometimes we would get out of bed at night and play in the dark.

This same routine was all to familiar in the morning as well. We would wake up, play some more, get ready for school, and then continue to play. Any time Sara missed school, I would miss school, and vice versa (even if one of us wasn't even sick). Looking back at my old report cards, I would say that my 30 day absences in Kindergarten, or 25 day absences in third grade, is proof enough that we spent a massive amount of time together. Hey, don't judge my mom for not making us go to school every day! I attribute my creativity to those absences. While you were in school every day learning numbers, Sara and I were learning how to run a business (our mom had her own international greeting card company). Anyway, we walked home everyday after school and would then proceed to play "Business" or "School." In both cases, I was always the teacher/business owner and Sara was always the student/employee. I'm sorry, Sara. I shouldn't have said "If you don't let me be the teacher, I won't play," or "I know I said you could be the boss next, but I'm tired now." What's more important is that we spent time together, right?

I think these pictures were published in one of my mom's catalogs. Even at the tender age of five I had no talent for modeling. What is my hand doing? And notice that once Sara's body began to catch up to the size of her head, she was so cute in her pig tails.

We did everything together. There were no two peas in a pod more alike than us. We learned recorder together, waited in the car for my mom to "quickly" run into UPS together, pretended to be ice skaters together, wet the bed together, watched the same movies, wore the same clothes (except in different colors: Sara - purple, Lexia - pink), made up our own language, the list goes on and on. The funny thing is, I don't ever remember Sara being a nuisance. I never once thought, "I want to do this without Sara," or "I wish she wasn't always hanging around me." I never wanted us to be apart - even when I didn't want to be the student or the employee in the game we were playing. I can still remember our favorite games: cards, tea parties, drawing pretend yearbooks and magazines, playing with paper doll cut-outs from mom's McCall's and Vogue pattern books, or playing bank (I was the banker...naturally).

We made everything playtime - or just enjoyable. Even when taking a bath we would bring our Barbie Dolls into the tub and play for hours. I'm not kidding. When the water would get cold, we would drain some of it, and add more hot water. We didn't even need toys most of the time. Just being in each other's company was enough to have fun. And to this day I can think of nothing better to do with my time than talk to my sister, send her emails, send her dumb text messages, etcetera! Etcetera! Etcetera!

Here we are at night playing "Town." Town consisted of overly fat-shaped blocks, my brothers plastic cars, and Monopoly money. Basically, you build homes, stores, and banks and drive around to each place using your money. There was no winning to most of the games we played. Usually we just set up an environment and let it run its course (as in "School," "Business," "Bank," "Paper-Dolls interacting at church" you get the idea).

My dream for us now is to have a double wedding, like the Brady Brides. A double wedding is a day when two people (Irish Twins in this case) get married on the same day. I want a double wedding so badly! My husband better like my sister, or he's off like a dirty shirt! I take that back. What would be even better is to have a double wedding and marry a set of Irish Twin BOYS!!! Because then maybe they would understand us, huh, Sa? Maybe boys don't bond so well though, because of the whole testosterone thing. Hm.

I know it still sounds a little strange. Perhaps my monologue could best be described from a scene in a movie, "Long Island Lolita: The Amy Fischer Story." That was totally an inside joke for my twinster. Seriously, though, it could best be described from a movie: In America. I love that movie because I like watching those two little girls interact with eachother. Especially in the scene when the mom is having a baby and the two girls are outside in the waiting room. The older sister is sitting close to the younger one. They're just sitting there, waiting, and the older sister pulls the younger sisters feet on top of her lap, just to have her next to her. I knew when I saw that scene that those little actresses were sisters in real life. Sure enough they are. How did I know? Because that is such a sisterly gesture to do. I also remember watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen on television once describing what it was like being a twin. Although I have no recollection of what they said, I rememember thinking, "that's just like Sara and me!" It's really difficult to explain. We're just so similar in our taste for things, people, perspectives, and it's not that we do it on purpose or to be the same, we just are.

We even had the same name growing up. You see, Sara and I have always been called "The Little Girls." Even my brother who is a little over a year older than me called us that. No one called me "Lexia" or my twin "Sara." We were "The Little Girls" because we were always together. It wasn't until my older sister had two of her own girls that the title was finally relinquished to them. The other night I was visiting my sister and helped her put the girls down for bed. They are five and three. They said their prayers, and we sang some songs, kissed them good night and left the room. A few moments later I was sitting on the couch and heard the little girls talking and giggling and I couldn't help but think of the times I shared with my sister and best friend. That's what I remember most about growing up as a kid with my Irish Twin.

Let's see what Sara remembers.


Movie Quotes: They're More Than Just An Obsession - They're An Irish Twin Bonding Experience

Sara and I love to quote movies. Actually, we love to do impressions of the actors saying such quotes. We love it so much that we decided to share some of our favorites. These are by no means my favorite lines from movies, rather the funnest ones to impersonate. Most of them are overly dramatic or they’re said with an accent. There are many on my list that are outright terrible. There’s no need for me to point out which one’s are ridiculous because if it’s not obvious which one's are, then you wouldn’t agree with me anyway. So here we go!

Horses, Horses, Horses, Horses...
Annie Reed
Sleepless In Seattle

That’s not happiness to see me.
Emily Bradford Taylor
A Perfect Murder

He had scissors, for hands.

Edward Scissorhands

He asked me if I wanted to go and I was like, ‘yeah, right!’

I’m a human blanket! A human blanket!
So I Married an Axe Murderer

A child is no longer a child. A child IS A MOUSE!!!
Miss Eve Ernst - the Grand High Witch
The Witches

Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I’ll be your slave (then forget about the baby).

I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.
And while I'm at it:
nice, firm, buttocks. Chicks dig gray.
Anna Scott/Spike
Notting Hill

Ya think beautiful girls are gonna stay stahs foreva?
Fanny Brice
Funny Girl

Pappa can you hear me?


I hate John...I love John...I hate John...

Mr. 152 insights into my soul!
Kathleen Kelly
You've Got Mail

You had me at hello. You HAD me at Hello.
Dorothy Boyd
Jerry Maguire

Augustus! You-ah going to drown I juss knowit!
Mrs. Gloop
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I run and you speed walk? THAT is a serious coincidence!
Caroline Swann
The Baxter

She said, ‘Why don’t you try a change?’ I don’t want a change. I can’t USE a change...I’ll let you elaborate on that one Sara.
Jerome Eugene Morrow

I waited for you this morning. Parking lot. I saw you and I thought you saw me. What about prom, Blane?
(Blane? That's not a name, that's a major appliance!) No. What about prom? Just say it. I wanna hear you say it. You're a liar! You're a filthy, (er), no-good liar. You don't have the guts to tell me the truth. Just say it! You're ashamed to be seen with me. You're ashamed to go out with me. You're terrified that you're (er again) rich friends won't approve.
Andie Walsh and a smidgeon of Duckie
Pretty In Pink

What can you do with a quarter?
Polo Debevoise
How to Marry a Millionaire

What family doesn’t have its ups and downs?
Eleanor of Aquitaine
The Lion In Winter

But daddy I LOVE HIM!
The Little Mermaid

I don't want to buy anything, sell anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.
(Kickboxing IS the sport of the future)
Lloyd Dobler
Say Anything

Now three, act like wherever you are, that's the place to be. 'Isn't this great?'
Mike Damone
Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Listen, I don’t take my clothes off for anyone, even if it is 'artistic.’
The Muppets Take Manhattan

A powder puff for you and a powder puff for me!
Perfume Saleswoman/Joan Rivers
The Muppets Take Manhattan

Ahh, the sounds of love Su-EEE, Oink, Oink, Oink, Oink!
The Muppets Take Manhattan

How about Ocean Breeze Soap: it gets you clean.

The Muppets Take Manhattan

I can’t stop!!!!!! Let’s just read Sara's picks. I'm 110% sure some will be the same. Where there is a baby there be milk nearby...

Also feel free to include your own.


October = Irish Twins Month!

For some time now, I have had a younger sister named Sara. It is widely known that we are bosom buddies, sisters, and almost twins! I love Sara like I love chocolate. Correction -- I love chocolate like I love Sara. Although we are only Irish Twins, we are the same age for a couple of days, look somewhat alike, enjoy the same movies and music, spend as much time together as possible when possible, finish each others sentences, have our own language, love to do impressions of others, long for a double wedding, the list goes on and on.

When we're not standing in the same room, Sara and I communicate via phone and email. If you randomly visited my blog, then you don't know that Sara lives in Georgia and I live in New York. Although we don't reside in the same city, our minds are always in the same place. Recently "we" had an idea for our blogs. We emailed each other back and forth to solidify the idea and this is the exact dialogue that occurred:

Lexi's E-Mail to Sara, July 18th, 2:04 p.m.:
Maybe you could write [a post] sometime if you want to. It doesn't have to be for this theme. I'm thinking of devoting a month to my future kids. You could write a great post then. You know what, though, I kind of want to keep talking about this subject because the end of the month is approaching and I don't feel finished yet. Maybe I'll extend it.

I've thought about us having a post together. Or, having you post comments
on my blog a lot -- a sisters theme. Maybe we could do Sisters one month.

Sara's E-Mail to Lexi, 6:12 p.m.:

In order to drive traffic to both of our blogs, we should capitalize on this sisters theme. Here's how I see it: We pick a topic, and without talking about it, you post your thoughts on your blog, and then link to mine. I'll do the same. Like this:

Lexi and Sara on (Bees):

Bees are really cool. I like bees a lot. Sometimes they're a little bit scary, though, because they sting you. It hurts. Apparently I really like bees because when I was little, I wore a bumble bee swimsuit.

Now read Lexi's thoughts. (The words "Lexi's thoughts" would link to your post.)

See? Then you would do the same thing, but have a link to my blog. It's really a great idea, and I'm glad you included me!

Love you.

P.S. I'm havin' a thought. Maybe we should come up with themes in the next couple of weeks, and then August can be the Sisters theme. Or maybe we can just do it whenever we want. We could even do a future husband one for this month. Won't it be so interesting to see how different our posts are? People will love yours more, probably. :(

Lexi's E-Mail to Sara, 6:43 p.m.:
YOU'VE DONE IT!!! You resolved my issue. You see, my initial thought was
to put both posts on one page (to compare and contrast of course). But this
would either have to make my blog have both posts and yours have nothing, or
both of our blogs posting the same two posts. The latter is just reduntant
and not interactive. So, by clicking a link to your blog, YOU get traffic
and I (also capitalized for stress, but I couldn't double capitalize an
already capitalized letter) get traffic. HURRAH!!!

Maybe these emails could be posted as a way to explain to our viewers how
such brilliant thoughts develop. It could be like a study for pyschologists
to unravel the innerworkings of genius minds! Yes, I wrote that last
paragraph knowing it might go on my blog...but not the first one.

So, what should our first subject bee? How 'bout what you look like in that

So that's how this month is goin' down, readers. We have a fun-filled month planned for you and hope you enjoy it. We even wrote our plans on the lid of a Long John Silver's to-go box. Man, I love those hush puppies.

The following photos are some of our first moments as sisters:

Here's what I looked like going to the city pool everyday.

And here's what Sara looked like.

Not a happy camper.


Check out Sara's Blog to read her intro for the month.