These Are A Few of My Favorite Games

Board games involving world domination:
Lord of the Rings Risk
Settlers of Catan

Card Games:
Apples to Apples
At one point I began learning Magic, but didn't ever collect the cards so...
Old Maid
I think I like Texas Hold 'em (I forget which Poker games I like)
Memory (heh, that's a funny game to follow the previous comment)

Games involving lots of words:
Mad Gab

Children's Games:
Connect Four
Candy Land
Barbie (the one from the 60s where you have to get a prom dress and a date)
Girl Talk
Hungry, Hungry Hippo
Hi Ho! Cherry-O
You Sunk My Battleship
Mastermind for kids


Games that I can't put into a category, but just like:
Chinese Checkers
The Game of Life

New additions since Christmas 2007:
Phase 10
The Great Dalmuti

Games I want to learn:
Axis and Allies
Cashflow 101 (the Rich Dad Poor Dad game by Robert T. Kiyosaki)

Games I don't like:
Trivial Pursuit
Battle of the Sexes is alright
The license plate game people play when they're on a long road trip
Real life games involving people I like of the opposite sex

Game I like depending on who I'm playing with:

The best television game show of all time:
Press Your Luck (the No Whammies! game)

Games I like on television, but not in board format:

Game shows I always wanted to be on:
Family Feud
The Price is Right
The Dating Game
Love Connection
The Newlywed Game
Remote Control
Win, Lose, or Draw
Singled Out
The one where people were dressed in a costume and had to pick a door and bid on how much the item cost behind the door they picked (and if they chose a crappy door a donkey would be on the other side) - but it wasn't Price is Right because for some reason people were dressed in weird costumes.

Another game I love, but can't remember the name:
A board game from the 1980s that revolves around the theme of an attic. There were also cards such as a tree that would take you to different sections through a "house," and there were dog pieces where you could block people. That game was awesome.

What about you guys - which games do you love to play? Which games should be on here, but aren't? It stinks, because if I had more space (or any space) in my apartment I would own more board games. At the moment I only have a few decks of cards, dice, and I think that's about it. That's gonna change real soon, though. I can feel it.

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Did You Know

Those are my eyeballs, but that's not what I wanted you to know. I wanted you to know that...

Only 1% of the human population possesses green eyes? The most common eye color is brown followed by blue. Honestly, I've never understood why everyone makes such a big deal about blue eyes. Green is where it's at, people. Holla! So my next question is why is Coldplay the only band in history that sings about green eyes? Why don't other musicians start singing about green eyes? It's about time. Oh, here's where I got the statistic on eye color.

Lastly, what color are your eyes? After reading the Wikipedia link, I don't know what color my eyes are anymore. I can't help but wonder if my eyes are technically Hazel. I have little gold bits mixed with green and surrounded by blue. I've always just said greenish-blue.

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Things I Did Over the Holidays:

1. Played at least 8 games of Settlers of Catan.
2. Gained at least 8 pounds.
3. Something I've never done is wished that I had a boyfriend for Christmas, but I did this year and I literally got A Boyfriend for Christmas - only it was a terrible movie and not a terribly cute boy. God is a comedian, I just know it...and a literalist.
4. Ate at the Original Pancake House in Atlanta and loved every bite of it.
5. Cut my hair.
6. Learned how to play Canasta (which I enjoyed immensely since it is very similar to my favorite card game: Spades).
7. Almost kidknaped my nieces because they're so dang cute and I want them to be mine. I asked my sister first if I could steal them and she said it was okay, but I ended up not doing it.
8. Searched for jobs not Web design related. From now on I'm a retired Web designer. Sort of.
9. Canoodled!?! Sort of.
10. Cut my hair again.
11. Stayed up 'til 4 AM most nights talking with Sara and my mom.
12. Danced more than usual - or at least in public (something I haven't really had the opportunity to do in a while - where have all the dance parties gone?).
13. Played, or should I say rocked out the game Rock Band. It was soooooooo much fun! I always knew I would be a great singer in a rock band and this game just confirmed that.
14. Downed about a gallon of eggnog. Something I've never really enjoyed drinking before due to the whole raw egg thing.
15. Cut my hair. I know, I have a bit of an addiction to cutting my hair. I can't help it, when I see uneven pieces, or it's not layered right, I have to fix it. At least my addiction is free (I cut it myself).
16. Oh, I almost forgot that I crushed everyone who tried to challenge me at Mad Gab. If only there was a job that paid to play the game Mad Gab. Ain't no body gab madder than me.

Pictures will follow this post as soon as Sara sends them to me. In the mean time, you'll just have to imagine what all of the fun looked like in your head. What did you guys do over the holidays? I know it's kind of late to be asking, but I feel like I'm just now getting into the swing of things. The swing being looking for jobs again. I need a new swing.