What My Movie Shelf Says About Me

If there's one thing I know about myself, it is that I am a hopeless romantic. No, I'm a helpless romantic. Not in a cheesy Mandy Moore way, but in a clever Bill Murray way. I mean, there was a time in my life when the only movies I would rent from Blockbuster had to be Romcom's (romantic comedies) - otherwise it would stay on the shelf and keep collecting dust. Yes, not only did the movies have to have a love story element, but they had to be cute and funny - much the same way I like my men. It's important to note, that the endings of such movies always turn out where the couples get together. I will have none of this loved and loss nonsense (unless it's a period piece I suppose).

My movie shelf definitely confirms this about me. You see, of the fifteen movies I own (excluding television series and educational DVDs) almost all fall into the category of Romcom or Dramedy (dramatic comedy). However, I think it's more important to note that twelve of the fifteen end with the main love interests getting back together. I suppose Funny Girl is debatable; however, I like to think that the last song Fannie sings, "Oh, My Man I Love Him So," is a way of telling the viewer that she's not giving up on Nicky Arnstein and that she's going after him even though he left. I suppose I like my movies to be optimistic about love. This is true of the newest addition to my movie shelf: The Baxter. I found it online for $7.92 (including shipping & handling) so I decided I would splurge. I highly recommend all human beings watch this cute love story. It's right up there with Groundhog Day for me.

Here's a more detailed list of my fifteen movies in case you're wondering. The first twelve have endings where the characters remain together. Sara, where's my copy of Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet?

The Baxter
Dream For An Insomniac
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Four Weddings and A Funeral
Funny Girl
Groundhog Day
I'm With Lucy
Lorna Doone
Royal Tennenbaum's
Sliding Doors
So I Married An Axe Murderer
You've Got Mail

Lastly, here are the three where the main love interests part ways (or one of them kills the other as in the Talented Mr. Ripley). It's important to note that in two of these movies, the characters part ways on good terms and although they do indeed part, I'm not saddened or frustrated by it.

Edward Scissorhands
In Good Company
Talented Mr. Ripley

Other movies I want to aquire in the near future: Proof, The Wizard of Oz, Breaking Away, My Fair Lady, Sleepless In Seattle, Shakespeare In Love, Dr. Zhivago, Rounders, Four Daughters, Emma, Pride and Prejudice (BBC version of course), Life is Beautiful, Good Will Hunting, etc., etc., etc.

Okay now it's your turn. Take a look at your movie shelf and analyze what it might say about you. How many movies of yours are dramas, horror films, animations, children's movies, musicals, foreign films, documentaries, X-rated? How many are comedies and what kind of comedies are they: frat-boy slapstick or witty British? Which one's were given to you by other people; which one's did you actually want to spend the money and purchase yourself? How many are oldies but goodies? Are there recurring actors/actresses in many of your movies? How many movies do you buy on a whim withought having first seen? Why do you own the amount of movies you do? For example, I have a small movie shelf for a few reasons. Mainly, I only like to have things around me that I absolutely love, anything else is clutter to me and in my 450 square foot apartment, space is limited. Another reason, though, is that it's not in my budget to purchase such "wants" at this time. Figure this out, then come back to my blog and give me your interpretation of what your movie shelf might say about you.

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My New Favorite Thing To Eat and Some Other Weird Things About Me

Walnut pancakes. All that is required is Bisquick pancake mix (and ONLY Bisquick will do, because it's the Roles Royce of pancake mixes), and chopped walnuts. don't forget when adding the walnuts to just sprinkle them on top of each individual pancake while frying for a more even distribution. For a variation on the walnut pancake, add sliced bananas.

As far as syrup goes, I'm partial to Mrs. Butterworth's or Hungry Jack. Perhaps I'll do a taste test of syrups. I like to do my own searches for the best things according to my tastes. I frequently do this with toothpaste. Which do I prefer most: Colgate, Crest, Aquafresh, Arm & Hammer? I like each one for various reasons. It's the worst, though, when I've mentally scratched one off the list and then when I'm standing in front of the toothpaste isle, I invariably forget which one it is that I dislike.

At the moment, I'm shopping around for a few new things. Detergent being one of them because Surf is letting me down big time. I'm using Arm & Hammer "Clean Burst" and I suppose it's doin' the job alright. I'm also trying to find a perfume scent that suits me; even though I've never really been a perfume-wearing kind of girl. Most scents I find irritating to my hyper-sensitive nose. I know that I enjoy scents with eucalyptus or heather moss. I don't like rosey-flowery-powdery scents. So I can rule those out. It's a difficult task finding a perfume.

Also on the search agenda is to find a cute young man (men) to spend the summer-time with. That's probably the most difficult search of all to find. How do you/I find the best one for your/my tastes? Tricky. Perhaps I'll save this search topic for the month of July - my blog's annual Future Husband Month.

Oh, and self-tanner. That's another current search of mine. Which one looks the least orange on my skin.

Oh, and a job. I think finding a good job is more difficult than finding a good man.

Err... so let me know what you think of the pancakes and any of the above mentioned products/boys you would recommend I try.

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Confession #15

On the 14th day of the month of August in the year 2006, the weather in New York was so nice that it could make a depressed person happy.

*Note that this post was originally written on 08.14.06.

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Confession #14

I don't trust vegans. I also don't trust those that dislike chocolate, popcorn, and minorities.

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Thoughts on Big Bird

Do you ever wonder who's in the Big Bird costume? I mean, there is some guy walking around New York who pays the bills by being Big Bird -- and we don't even know who he is or what he looks like! I could have passed Big Bird's soul on 14th street and never known about it.


Thoughts on Working

Sometimes I think I prefer the stress and instability that comes along with finding my own projects to work on than the stability of working a 9:00 - 6:00 job every day. I need my environment to be changing to some degree. Variety is more than just a spice of my life it's one of the main ingredients! Does anyone besides my dad really like working such regular steady hours?


Thoughts on Walking

Walking is a great exercise because sometimes when you do it for approximately two hours a day for a week and a half you lose 5 pounds - as I have done. I give walking two thumbs up and five pounds down!


Magically Delicious

This is what I ate for lunch today:
-Shisito Peppers with Miso and Eggplant Chips
-Shisito Peppers with Sea Salt
-Monkfish Pate with Caviar
-Toro, Salmon, and Yellowtail Tartare
-Sashimi Salad with Matsuhisa Dressing
-Tuna Tataki with Ponzu
-Fresh Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno
-New Style Striped Sea Bass and Salmon Sashimi
-Tiradito/Fresh Fluke Sashimi
-Rock Shrimp tempura with Ponzu Sauce
-Rock Shrimp tempura with Creamy Spicy Sauce
-Squid "Pasta" with Garlic Sauce
-Chilean Sea Bass with Black Bean Sauce
-Miso Black Cod wrapped in Butter Lettuce
-Eggplant with Miso
-Spicy Tuna Roll
-Salmon Skin Roll
-House Roll

I kid you not. So I ate at Nobu in Tribeca today to "learn" more about the menu. Let me share with you what I learned. Rock Shrimp with Ponzu Sauce KILLS Rock Shrimp with Creamy Spicy Sauce. As far as sashimi goes, I prefer New Style to the Yellowtail with Jalapeno because it has a richer flavor (what with the garlic puree, julienned ginger, sesame seeds, chives, and Yuzo Soy). Of all the food we ordered, the Squid Pasta was surprisingly one of my favorites. It has this buttery, meaty, flavor - and I actually didn't mind eating the squid because it really does taste similar to pasta! I also decided that I prefer eating the Miso Black Cod on Butter Lettuce than alone. Lastly, there was this small, round, reddish fruit that accompanied the Tartare. When I placed this japanese fruit on my tongue, my taste-buds didn't know what to do! It was a completely new flavor to my mouth (and nose I suppose). Eating lunch today was such a fun experience. Even after eating my Mint Oreo's hours later, I can still taste the Nobu goodness lingering in my mouth. Mmm...raw fish and Mint Oreo's. The best part about it was that the bill ended up being $692 and I paid $0!!! Chef Nobu-san really knows his stuff. I'm going to make a prediction that Nobu will be a big hit. Mark my words. You heard it here first. :o)

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